Ken Oliver Class at Paper Dreams

Paper Dreams Storefront

Paper Dreams Store, Kennesaw, Georgia

This weekend I had the privilege of attending a Color Burst Technique class by none other than the inventor himself, Ken Oliver of Ken Oliver Crafts!  What a treat!


Ken is a great teacher, personable and approachable.  He shares a real time view of what he is doing on a tv so you can see exactly how he performs a technique.  He also moves around the class offering tips and looking over everyone’s progress.


Paper Dreams Store in Kennesaw, Georgia

The class was held at Paper Dreams in Kennesaw, Georgia.  Paper Dreams is a lovely store with a nice selection of paper, stamps and supplies.  They emphasize classes with a busy schedule and plenty of various activities in which to participate. The owner, Stephanie is helpful and knowledgeable.

Even my Mom attended class!  85 years old and still crafting!!!


Pay at visit to Stephanie and the other ladies at Paper Dreams  and look through the goodies or take a class.  You’ll be glad you did!


Watercolor “Resist” with 2-Sided Tape

Watercolors are so hot now that I’ve pulled mine out from the depths of my craft space to explore them again!

Did you know that you can use a liquid resist called frisket to mask off areas that you don’t want the watercolor to go? You apply it to the area you want to mask, let it dry, then watercolor as normal. Once your watercolor is dry, the frisket peels right off, preserving the paper color underneath!

Frisket is a bit on the pricey side so I did some research and discovered that some people are using rubber cement instead of frisket, however, there are reports that, over time, the area masked with the rubber cement turns a bit yellow.

Well, the whole topic got me thinking and I wondered if 2-sided tape could be an effective mask. You can peel it up with your fingers, right? Well, here is the result of my first attempt!

Tape mask1

It worked like a charm! I ran my tape across the page in a random pattern, applied my watercolors, let them dry and then ta-da! The tape peeled off with no problems and the paper underneath was perfectly preserved! I’m going to try more patterns!