Pan Pastels

Have you tried Pan Pastels yet? They are artist’s pastels that come in shallow, wide pots. They are commonly applied with a sponge applicator. The colors are absolutely gorgeous! They blend flawlessly and easily lend themselves to gradient color applications such as backgrounds. I used them to create the background for the tag below. 

The tag is made of medium pink cardstock. I stamped and embossed the image with white embossing powder. Then, I applied a medium blue Pan Pastel at the bottom, a purple on the center and a yellow at the top.

Be sure to try them! I am still experimenting a lot but love them!Link for Pan Pastels

Creative Inspiration for your New Year’s Projects — Heartfelt Creations | Blog

Hello Friend!How are you this beautiful December morning? How will you be spending the last few days in December? Hopefully you get to sneak in some creative time with your crafting goodies….I have been crafting away many evenings the past couple weeks and I always have to laugh when I have to dump my craft…

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Welcome to Stampcrush!

Greetings to all stampers and crafters out there!!!  I have started this blog simply to share my love of Stamping (and crafts in general) and to connect with others who have a creative spirit!

I hope to share and discuss new products and new techniques (or sometimes, just new to me!).  I’m sure you have your favorite sites and companies.  Let’s explore as many as we can!

I only personally know one other Stamper.  My Mother is also a “rabid” stamper!  Yes, lucky me!  When we are fortunate enough to go to a stamp show, it’s like coming home to the Mothership!  We are finally among those who speak the same language and share our obsession with stamps, inks, markers, glitter and dies.

I know you’re out there!  Let’s share our love of stamping and other crafts that spark our interest!