Watercolor “Resist” with 2-Sided Tape

Watercolors are so hot now that I’ve pulled mine out from the depths of my craft space to explore them again!

Did you know that you can use a liquid resist called frisket to mask off areas that you don’t want the watercolor to go? You apply it to the area you want to mask, let it dry, then watercolor as normal. Once your watercolor is dry, the frisket peels right off, preserving the paper color underneath!

Frisket is a bit on the pricey side so I did some research and discovered that some people are using rubber cement instead of frisket, however, there are reports that, over time, the area masked with the rubber cement turns a bit yellow.

Well, the whole topic got me thinking and I wondered if 2-sided tape could be an effective mask. You can peel it up with your fingers, right? Well, here is the result of my first attempt!

Tape mask1

It worked like a charm! I ran my tape across the page in a random pattern, applied my watercolors, let them dry and then ta-da! The tape peeled off with no problems and the paper underneath was perfectly preserved! I’m going to try more patterns!



Stampin’ Up Card with Coordinated Paper and Ink

The Crafty Thinker with Stephanie Fischer

This card by The Crafty Thinker’s guest, Julie Davison, highlights the advantages of using Stampin’ Up’s coordinated papers and inks.  This eye-catching layout (for example, this blue and white card) shows a solid blue cardstock, a matching patterned cardstock and matching ink that was used to stamp the sentiment and heart image on the tag.

Stampin’ Up’s products can take out all the guesswork if you have trouble selecting which colors go best together (a common problem – you are not alone!).  This is a great look and a very versatile card that can be adapted to lots of moods, color schemes and sentiments!

Pan Pastels

Have you tried Pan Pastels yet? They are artist’s pastels that come in shallow, wide pots. They are commonly applied with a sponge applicator. The colors are absolutely gorgeous! They blend flawlessly and easily lend themselves to gradient color applications such as backgrounds. I used them to create the background for the tag below.


The tag is made of medium pink cardstock. I stamped and embossed the image with white embossing powder. Then, I applied a medium blue Pan Pastel at the bottom, a purple on the center and a yellow at the top.

Be sure to try them! I am still experimenting a lot but love them!Link for Pan Pastels